HVAC Recycling Services

We streamline your HVAC recycling: Experienced in residential, commercial and industrial jobsite pick-ups, scheduled shop pick-ups, delivery services, you name it. Tin Man Recycling has developed a reputation as a safe, dependable, accommodating recycling company that provides excellent customer service. Our professional staff members are trained in the safe, timely removal of various types of residential and commercial HVAC equipment as well as boilers, chillers, and other equipment. When our drivers arrive on site, they will take a before picture of the equipment and material placed curbside for pick up. They will then pack the cargo safely onto our wrapped trucks. If there is a crane scheduled, we can coordinate with the crane driver so the unit can be placed directly onto our vehicles. After everything is loaded into our Tin Man trucks, our drivers will sweep, rake, and use a metal roller over the work area to ensure your jobsite is cleaner and safer than before work began. We will then take an after picture to be sent to you so know the job was done and it was done right.

What We Offer:

  1. Refrigerant Recovery: We employ advanced techniques and equipment for the safe and efficient recovery of refrigerants from HVAC systems. Our certified technicians ensure compliance with EPA regulations, mitigating environmental impact and promoting responsible disposal practices.
  2. Appliance Disposal: Whether it’s an old air conditioner, refrigerator, or freezer, we provide hassle-free disposal services for refrigerant-containing appliances. Our systematic approach ensures that these appliances are recycled in accordance with environmental guidelines, diverting them from landfills.
  3. Comprehensive Recycling: Beyond refrigerants, we recycle other components of HVAC systems, including metal components and electronic parts. Through our meticulous sorting process, we maximize recycling efficiency and minimize waste, contributing to resource conservation efforts.
  4. On-Site Pickups: For contractors and businesses with large quantities of HVAC equipment, we offer convenient on-site pickup services. Our dedicated team coordinates pickups according to your schedule, ensuring timely removal of material and efficient recycling processes.
  5. Environmental Compliance: Tin Man is committed to upholding the highest environmental standards in all our operations. We maintain compliance with regulatory requirements governing the handling, transportation, and disposal of refrigerants and other hazardous material.
  6. Educational Resources: We provide educational resources and guidance to our clients regarding HVAC recycling best practices and regulatory requirements. Our goal is to empower businesses and individuals to make informed decisions that align with environmental stewardship principles.
  7. Partnerships and Certifications: Tin Man collaborates with industry partners and holds relevant certifications to ensure the quality and integrity of our HVAC recycling services. Our partnerships enable us to stay updated on emerging technologies and best practices in the field.